Join Me Beyond the Shadowlands

Beyond the Shadowlands is a place where fantasy and reality collide. Here, dreams and nightmares are abandoned in a realm of darkness and shadow.

History & Background

Writing short stories has always been an interest of mine, even as a child. I wrote numerous short stories using crayons, markers, and consruction paper, and would create "books". In high school, I wrote a short story that was based on a dream I had. It was submitted for a scholarship, and it made it to the semi-state final round within the competition.

In college, I wrote another short story - also based on a dream - as an assignment for an English course. However... life happened, and I haven't written anything in years. Currently, I am trying to revive my interest in creative writing.


Most of the ideas for my short stories come from dreams I have had. For example, "Fallacy" was based on a dream I had while in high school. I wrote it down the very next day, and it ultimately evolved into a short story.

Surrealism and the macabre are among my favorite themes for story telling. As a fan of movies, I get some inspiration from directors like David Lynch, Tim Burton, and Guillermo del Toro.

Asperger's and My Dreams

Although I am not officially diagnosed as having Asperger's Syndrome (AS), a mild form of autism. My family has noticed that I exhibit most of the symptoms. A big part of having AS is that I have had social anxiety in the past. I believe that this has carried over into my dreams to some degree, as most dreams that I can remember have had some level of emotional anxiety and fears.

Today, it is difficult to tell that I have AS, and dreams about social anxiety have become almost non-existent. As I have matured both emotionally and socially, I have much less social anxiety today. Any new stories that I come up with will be pure imagination, but inspired by the emotions, anxieties, and fears that deal with what one goes through when dealing with autism.

About the Author

Brad Fogelstrom

Brad Fogelstrom is a full-time web developer and designer by day, and likes to come out at night to practice creative writing and photography. He enjoys travel, has an open water scuba diving certification, and has 2 cats. Unofficially diagnosed as having Asperger's Syndrome, he is a supporter of the Autism community.